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Well, I had hoped to delve into some traditional painting over the Summer and never quite got things started.  A large reason is time and another is money.  This is still an area that I feel I have something to contribute in.  I'm very much interested in light, color, and blend.  Photo editing lets me play with this, but I would rather put it on canvas.  

My primary art form is music.  I am a horn player.  I play with concert bands and orchestras.  Practicing takes up most of the free time that I have left after all of my responsibilities as a HS band teacher and a husband and father.  

I do love photography as well.  Most of my photos are either taken with my 10 year old Minolta Dimage (certainly not a great camera, but it takes decent pictures for what it is), or my Samsung Eternity cellphone camera (simply out of convenience).  I would love to have a nice Nikon DSLR camera that would give me more control of my images.  This will probably come before the painting supplies, but considering the cost it will probably not be anytime soon.  .. So I continue on as before - doing what I can with what I have, which works pretty well for me.
  • Listening to: David Byrne and Brian Eno
  • Reading: Brad Thor - "The Lions of Lucerne"
  • Watching: I don't generally watch tv - but House on
  • Playing: My Conn 8d French Horn
  • Eating: Turkey cold cuts
  • Drinking: Water, coffee, and diet Rockstar.
All right, I must say that it's been kind of fun playing around on dA the past few days.  I am probably hooked.  There are some great artists on here whose talent I am in awe of.  Soon, I hope to try my hand at painting.  My grandmother painted her entire life and I've always been drawn to it, but have never actually put brush to canvas.  I've tried to show through messing with photos what I see internally but I am limited by what I know how to do with my photo editing software.  So while I will continue to take pictures and edit them, I plan be sharing with you my attempts on canvas.  Time, money, and space have always been my excuses, but I think I'm just going to go for it.  I welcome any advice.
  • Listening to: Me playing Paul Dukas' Villanelle on my fr. horn
  • Reading: Alexandre Dumas - "The Count of Monte Cristo&
  • Watching: I don't generally watch tv
  • Playing: My Conn 8d French Horn
  • Eating: Baked Chicken w/ Tortellini
  • Drinking: Water
Well, I'm new to deviantART.  I've heard about it before, but for some reason never bothered to ever look at it.  I think I figured it was probably some annoying sort of myspace for self-important teens who have never not thought that digital cameras were a personal entitlement.  Now that I've been here for about a day, I see that I was right.  However, it also has quite a bit more depth and I've found it pretty interesting to browse around looking at others' work.  I hope some of you might enjoy my little creations.  I don't really know what I'm doing, but I enjoy it.  I'm actually a musician but I like to play with color.  Feel free to say hi.  I don't have very many friends on here.
  • Listening to: Larry Young - "Unity"
  • Reading: Dean Koontz - "Darkest Evening of the Year&qu
  • Watching: Cars driving by my window.
  • Playing: My Conn 8d French Horn
  • Eating: Stuffed Peppers
  • Drinking: Water